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You Must FIGHT For Better Days

You Must FIGHT For Better Days

Ahsoka, Noah Gundersen and the will to carry on

What is a Jedi?

Is it a religion? To be a warrior? Are they the Light of the galaxy?

No hiding the ball on this one. I’ll tell you. To be a Jedi is to act a certain way in any given situation.

You’re given hate — respond with gentleness.

You’re presented with fear —- you choose faith and courage.

You’re given war —- then you fight for peace and with no hatred in your heart. You fight for tomorrow.

This new Walk The Way podcast is a rundown of a recent post, Fight For Better Days, inspired by the Ahsoka series, the music of Noah Gundersen and the writings of Marcus Aurelius. Enjoy.

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Live! Or die.
Ahsoka never got over the fall of Anakin Skywalker. She was the Chosen One’s Padawan throughout the Clone Wars, depicted in the Star Wars animated series The Clone Wars. Ahsoka would become an incredible warrior over the course of the conflict, but like many Jedi living at that time, it was not what she wanted. The reasons were many, but Ahsoka quit the…
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Geeky Stoics
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