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What Geeky Stoics Is Really About

Thank you to our readers for joining us on this quest

This is what Geeky Stoics is all about. Identifying and celebrating those moments in modern stories that were in a sense, gifted to us. It’s an inheritance, one we’re grateful for. We focus on that rather than the predictable, angry, and shallow entertainment commentary that defines so much of our online lives. Even in movies we don’t particularly love, our attention is on finding the meaning or kernel of wisdom worth holding on to.

It’s been a process of transformation and finding just the right message for this Substack. You might remember that this newsletter started as “Politicize Me” in 2021, then it became “This Is The Way” and only recently relaunched with a new and complete identity, “Geeky Stoics”.

Stephen and I have known one another for years and long shared an admiration for one another’s passion for storytelling, philosophy, and the search for meaning.

If you're watching or reading this today, you’re one of the people who make this possible, and we want to say thank you so much for your support. Whether it's watching the videos, listening to the podcast version, or reading the newsletter, you make it worthwhile.

This is something we believe in and we're both excited about how far Geeky Stoics has come in 2023. We look forward to an amazing 2024.

May the Force be with you all and remember, “Your focus determines your reality.”

-Riley Blanton & Stephen Kent

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Geeky Stoics
Geeky Stoics
Your favorite stories are part of your real life. Star Wars. The Lord of the Rings. Marvel. Batman. Are you listening to what they’re trying to tell you? Geeky Stoics is all about Stoicism, Philosophy, and Wisdom found in Pop Culture.