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Geeky Stoics
On Trigger Warnings, Resiliency and Drone Warfare

On Trigger Warnings, Resiliency and Drone Warfare


Big Idea:  Focus on things within your control and choose the stories you tell yourself after difficult experiences.

In this episode of Walk the Way, Riley and Stephen discuss resiliency, trigger warnings, and mental health through the lens of Stoicism and the importance of perspective. Stephen shares an Atlantic article on trigger warnings and how they may have damaged the resiliency of a generation. Riley shares his experience working with MQ-9 operations in the military and how perspective shaped his view on mental health.

[0:00:01] Introduction - Resiliency and trigger warnings

[0:01:01] Trigger warnings controversy and Stoicism

[0:02:01] Riley's experience with drone operations and mental health in the military

[0:06:22] Balance between experienced trauma and perceived trauma

[0:10:00] Importance of perspective in shaping experiences

[0:15:44] "Post-traumatic Growth" and free will vs determinism

[0:22:09] Stoicism and focusing on things within your control

[0:25:29] Measuring policies by results, not intentions

[0:31:24] Viktor Frankl and choosing how you respond

[0:35:12] Teenage self-consciousness and perceiving everything as an attack

[0:39:58] Perspective of Marines during the Afghanistan Evacuation

[0:44:19] Choosing the story you tell yourself after tragedy

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Geeky Stoics
Geeky Stoics
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