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Geeky Stoics
MEGA-CAST: Star Wars Controversy, Storytelling Philosophies, and Creative Processes

MEGA-CAST: Star Wars Controversy, Storytelling Philosophies, and Creative Processes

The Debut episode of the Geeky Stoics MegaCast!

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In this episode of the Geeky Stoics Mega-Cast, Riley and Stephen delve into a recent controversy in the Star Wars community. We analyze an interview given by a certain upcoming Star Wars director and explore the fan reactions it sparked. Stephen provides insightful background on the director and quotes that particularly stuck with the fans, stirring up debate.

Key Discussion Points:

  1. Director's Controversial Interview: An exploration of the recent interview with Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy that has caused a stir among fans. Stephen provides context and examines the quotes that ignited fan discussions.

  2. Storytelling Philosophies: Riley and Stephen engage in a deep discussion on different storytelling philosophies. They reference C.S. Lewis, focusing on the idea that the most impactful writing stems from addressing one's personal struggles rather than attempting to 'fix' others. This concept is then applied to the situation surrounding Obaid-Chinoy.

  3. Geeky Stoics' Creative Journey: We also share insights into the creative process behind Geeky Stoics. We discuss the challenges we face with perfectionism and the difficulties in deciding when to release content. Stephen shares an anecdote about setting boundaries in collaborative projects.

  4. Inspirations and Current Reads: A look into how Riley and Stephen draw inspiration from their current readings and how they incorporate these ideas into Geeky Stoics' content.

Upcoming Content Teasers:

  • Videos and Articles: Sneak peeks into upcoming Geeky Stoics videos and articles, touching on themes such as moral relativism and in-depth analyses of Star Wars quotes.

  • Book Club: Anticipation builds for the Geeky Stoics book club discussion on "Fellowship of the Ring."


Geeky Stoics
Geeky Stoics
Your favorite stories are part of your real life. Star Wars. The Lord of the Rings. Marvel. Batman. Are you listening to what they’re trying to tell you? Geeky Stoics is all about Stoicism, Philosophy, and Wisdom found in Pop Culture.
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