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It's Okay To Just Enjoy Things

Plus a new video on YouTube about conquering fear and doubt

Nothing is worse than losing your sense of who you are. That’s what Riley wrote about for Geeky Stoics just a few days ago. C.S. Lewis worried about this too. He had this sense that Satan himself would love nothing more than to alienate the individual from the person in the mirror. That horrible, empty feeling when you look at yourself and don’t like what you see. The hatred of your own unique voice or reflection.

That’s part of what we discussed in today’s Geeky Stoics Book Club!

C.S. Lewis writes from the perspective of a demonic force preying on human beings…

“You should always try to make the patient (human) abandon the people or food or books he really likes in favour of the “best” people, the “right” food,” the “important” books.”

The Geeky Stoics Bookclub convened today for its second meeting for The Screwtape Letters. It’s not too late to join!

This letter from C.S. Lewis was about more than just liking what you like, but also dealt with liking things for the sake of gaining attention, glory, or appeasing vanity.

We struggle with this at Geeky Stoics, because in essence, Lewis’ idea is to NOT read great books and then share their insights for the purpose of impressing friends or sounding smart in a newsletter……(uh oh)

We do a lot of reading and synthesizing here, but the goal of Riley and myself is you make it all for your benefit.

C.S. Lewis wants you to know the person in the mirror and guard that person’s heart and mind with prejudice. Don’t lose yourself.

In the video ABOVE, we and some supporters of Geeky Stoics share our simple loves….things we enjoy for the sake of enjoying them, and nothing more. We hope it brings you some joy! Leave your simple pleasures in the comments section.

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In the video BELOW, which is premiering on YouTube right this very moment, Riley continues his series on how “focus determines reality”.

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