Apr 11, 2017 • 1HR 17M

Ep #28: Budgets, Bombs & Bankers

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Stephen Kent
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This week we’re discussing the most exciting and most invigorating you could think of: budgets! Specifically, military appropriations and government spending in the Star Wars universe! We’re joined by our friend John Liang, military journalist and mega Star Wars fan, to discuss how fiscal battles played out during the Clone Wars, and how we see that in our own politics. We also discuss John and Swara’s upcoming trip to STAR WARS CELEBRATION ORLANDO (!!!), Rogue One playing on Air Force One, President Trump’s potential military escalation with Syria, and so much more! Follow our guest John Liang on Twitter @JuanJohnJedi! Leave us a review on iTunes and tell us what you think of the show! Subscribe and connect with us on Twitter: @Stephen_Kent89 | @SwaraSalih1 We want to hear from you! You can send us your thoughts on the show and topics at BeltwayBanthas@gmail.com.