Mar 30, 2017 • 1HR 29M

Ep #27 : The Powerful Politics Of Padmé

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Stephen Kent
Your favorite stories are part of your real life. Star Wars. The Lord of the Rings. Marvel. Batman. Are you listening to what they’re trying to tell you? Geeky Stoics is all about Stoicism, Philosophy, and Wisdom found in Pop Culture.
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No character captures intergalactic and real world politics better than Padme Amidala Naberrie of Naboo. This week we dive into the political ideals of Padme and also her legacy with fans. Allyson Gronowitz (The Mary Sue, Polygon) joins the show to help break down why Padme is beloved, but also divisive for so many fans. Spoiler: It has something to do with politics. Perfect for an episode of Beltway Banthas! We also review some Star Wars themed political ads out of a Congressional race in Georgia and a mayoral race in Memphis. These are funny clips you won’t want to miss. Lastly, Swara and Stephen share their thoughts on Star Wars Rebels, Darth Maul, fandom and the National Endowment for the Arts. Follow our guest Allyson Gronowitz on Twitter @TheFakeFanGirl Leave us a review on iTunes and tell us what you think of the show! Subscribe and connect with us on Twitter: @Stephen_Kent89 @SwaraSalih1 @beltwaybanthas We want to hear from you! You can send us your thoughts on the show and topics at We are going to be launching bonus content soon for subscribers to a super not-so-secret email list. Sign up here: