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The Shadow of Greed - Attachment & Jealousy in Fandom

The Shadow of Greed - Attachment & Jealousy in Fandom


This episode of the Walk the Way podcast covers Riley's experience visiting the Lucasfilm headquarters in San Francisco to attend a screening of the new Ahsoka television series. Riley reflects on how this opportunity arose unexpectedly after he had let go of his past desires for validation through Star Wars fandom. He explains how his trip to Lucasfilm reinforced his views on detachment and focusing on the story of Star Wars over the competition in online fandom.


  • Intro to walk the way. 0:07

    • Today's episode is about how sometimes good things can come out entirely outside of one's own control.

    • Housekeeping

  • The coincidences of life and Star Wars. 1:58

    • The coincidences of life and how Riley became a retired Star Wars podcaster.

    • The desire for reputation and validation

  • Star Wars and the Presidio. 3:56

    • Life throws you a bone when you are least expecting it.

    • A preview fan event at the Presidio

  • The Yoda Fountain. 5:49

    • Lucasfilm is the beating heart of the Star Wars universe.

    • Star Wars fan content creators tend to chase validation.

  • Why I joined This is the Way. 7:45

    • Why it was the right choice to shift the focus to dive into the philosophy behind the stories.

    • Yoda says that attachment leads to jealousy and the shadow of greed.

    • Learn to let go

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Geeky Stoics
Geeky Stoics
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