Geeky Stoics
Geeky Stoics
The Basics Are What Save Your Life

The Basics Are What Save Your Life

Podcast: A near death experience rock climbing, and a Star Wars lesson

Go through the motions. Mind details. The basics are what save your life. The fundamentals are what set you free to do great things. This is what I learned from reading Star Wars: Master & Apprentice, about the training of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Master Qui Gon Jinn had to teach him that the fundamentals of saber combat are the most timeless and valuable elements, not fancy spins and flipping attacks. Keep it simple. This really hit home for me when I was rock climbing in Virginia, and my partner nearly died on the mountain. She fell. The mistake was very careless. In this podcast, I’ll tell the story and I hope you are reminded in your day-to-day life…mind the details.

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Geeky Stoics
Geeky Stoics
Your favorite stories are part of your real life. Star Wars. The Lord of the Rings. Marvel. Batman. Are you listening to what they’re trying to tell you? Geeky Stoics is all about Stoicism, Philosophy, and Wisdom found in Pop Culture.
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