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Geeky Stoics
Rediscovery: Star Wars, Iceland, and the Birth of a New Podcast

Rediscovery: Star Wars, Iceland, and the Birth of a New Podcast

Show notes:

  1. Introduction and Background (0:00-1:00)

    • Riley Blanton, the founder and long-term host of The Star Wars Report podcast, announces the new podcast "Walk the Way" co-hosted by Stephen Kent.

    • Both hosts have a long history of Star Wars podcasting and intend to create a space that focuses on the philosophy and stories that define who we are.

  2. The Concept of "Walk the Way" Podcast (1:01-2:05)

    • The podcast aims to delve deep into the stories and mythologies that inspire us and shape our identities.

    • We hope to move beyond the surface-level Star Wars news of the week and the controversies that havedivided the fandom.

  3. Help us Launch! (2:06-2:50)

    • Subscribe, leave a rating, and review the new podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever they get their podcasts to help kick off the show.

  4. Introduction to the First Episode (2:51-3:45)

    • The first episode includes an audio excerpt from Stephen's latest "Walk the Way" video on the new YouTube channel about his experience visiting Iceland.

  5. Stephen Kent's Life Lessons from Iceland (3:46-17:50)

    • Importance of valuing time with family over money (3:46-7:15)

    • Being present and finding solace in any environment while traveling (7:16-10:00)

    • The need to be a stable, calming presence in the face of life's chaos (10:01-13:45)

    • Relearning how to deal with potential disappointments (13:46-17:50)

  6. Conclusion (17:51-19:20)

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Geeky Stoics
Geeky Stoics
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