May 18, 2017 • 49M

Interview: Ben Domenech (The Federalist)

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Stephen Kent
Your favorite stories are part of your real life. Star Wars. The Lord of the Rings. Marvel. Batman. Are you listening to what they’re trying to tell you? Geeky Stoics is all about Stoicism, Philosophy, and Wisdom found in Pop Culture.
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This week on Beltway Banthas we continue our interview series, where one of our hosts interview someone of note who works in or around politics about their fandom of Star Wars.

Stephen went to Hillsdale College's Kirby Center to chat with Ben Domenech, host of The Federalist Radio Hour and publisher of The Federalist. We talk about Ben's deep Star Wars roots, why Star Wars continues to be culturally compelling and also a bit about The Federalist's approach to content and Star Wars. I ask him about their piece on Galen Erso and the Death Star as an historical parallel to America's founding and monster of slavery. Ben and I also talk about Porkins, yes well as The Last Jedi, morality of super-weapons and why R2-D2 is his favorite character.

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