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How to Deal with a Bad Boss

How to Deal with a Bad Boss

Big Idea: Bad bosses who rely on fear and intimidation fail to inspire their teams to achieve goals. 

On this episode of Walk the Way, Riley and Stephen discuss their experiences with intimidating bosses and how good ideas can overcome bad leadership. They share stories from the military and office environments, highlighting the importance of speaking up for your values, knowing the mission, and encouraging your team with courage instead of fear. 

Listen in to learn how good ideas can help you overcome an intimidating boss and inspire better performance from your team.

[0:00:07] Introduction - The idea of leadership through intimidation fails to inspire, true leadership stems from respect and integrity. 

[0:01:23] Don't be Kylo Ren.

[0:02:14] Overview of the Lizzo story - Lizzo is facing lawsuits from dancers over intimidation, body shaming, and sexual harassment.

[0:02:37] The importance of remembering employees are people on their own journeys, not just tools. Treating them as "NPCs" will always backfire.

[0:03:59] Anecdote from The West Wing about Rob Lowe defying his boss to protect him. The importance of knowing the mission and goals.

[0:09:46] Riley's experience with an intimidating supervisor in Korea for a short time. The environment focused on making the boss happy instead of accomplishing goals.

[0:16:29] Riley's regret at not speaking up and defending his values during an interaction. The experience has helped him moving forward.

[0:25:00] Poor "Leaders" can be like bad bosses anywhere, using fear and intimidation.

[0:32:57] Good ideas can overcome bad bosses. When teams face courage and encouragement, they perform well.

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Geeky Stoics
Geeky Stoics
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