Nov 22, 2020 • 44M

David French (full interview) on Star Wars and saving America + "The Star Wars Book" Review

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Hello Friends! I had a few people request by email that we release the entirety of my interview with David French (The Dispatch) for the recent episode on dismantling the Death Star threat of our politics + David’s new book “Divided We Fall

So…you can stream that right here (above)

First, I loved the book. It’s written for anyone left, right or center and is even-handed in describing the problem we face and the upside of David’s solution to every faction. But he is clear-eyed about the risks and the likelihood we can achieve what he’s described. You really should pick this book up.

Book review for THE STAR WARS BOOK from DK

The good people at DK Publishing were kind enough to send me a copy of the new “Star Wars Book which is a comprehensive yet compact guide to the Star Wars universe. This is distinct from Star Wars guides of the past where it’s all alphabetical and breaking down everything from Darth Vader’s mask mechanics to how a Stormtrooper blaster works…The Star Wars Book breaks down timelines, politics, government, eras and turning points in Star Wars lore like I’ve ever seen before. It’s a MUST have for all Star Wars fans. I joined The Living Force Podcast & Youtube show this week to talk about REGIME change in Star Wars + the 2020 election and we break down what’s so great about this book at (16:00)

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